Fuel flow-meter AQUA METRO (Switzerland)

DFM-system is a fuel flow-metering system, which includes: flow-meter and board computer. The system is able to identify flow on a feed line and/or return line, calculate difference between these flows and output data in readable form and also output data in readable form and provide data for processing in systems of transmission and registration.

Reliable structure as well as small size make it ideal for installation on truck and light duty vehicles, tractors, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, special machinery, etc.

It is widely used in remote control systems for control of fuel flow on fixed facilities (diesel-generators, liquid-fuel burners).

Fuel flow-meter DFM 8 S

DFM 8 S - one-way flow-meter without rolling counting mechanism with impulse output. As opposed to meters of VZO 4/8 ОЕМ series, there is a built-in electronic plate instead of magnetic contact.

Fuel flow-meter DFM 8 D

DFM 8 D is a dual-channel, volumetric differential flow-meter, which reads both rate of direct flow to the engine and flow rate in fuel return line. Built-in electronic plate sends impulse signals corresponding with direct and return flow.

Fluid-fuel meters of VZD series are usually used for diesel-fuel consumption (black oil, furnace fuel) in burners, diesel generators, on vehicles, vessels, locomotives, etc.

Power supply is provided by battery installed inside. Designed life of a battery is 5 years.

Pressure drop inside the device does not exceed 0,17 Bar in nominal mode, which makes it possible to use liquid flow meter in free-flow systems, where fuel is supplied free-flow.


New generation flow-meter with digital display, where following parameters are displayed:

  • Total fuel consumption (liters, gallons or kg/m3.)
  • Daily fuel consumption (en-route consumption)
  • Instant consumption (liters, gallons or kg/m3.)
  • Fuel temperature
  • Correcting factor (for example: temperature compensation and error compensation)
  • Stand-by time (idle run - parameters are adjusted to certain type of engine)
  • Time of engine load running
  • CO2 measurement (actual and overall - estimated value).

Fuel-flow sensor VZD

New generation flow-meters without digital display with impulse output. If the meter is connected to telematic controller fuel flow parameters are sent to monitoring system server and displayed on the monitor of a system user.


Robust construction Impulse output (standard)
Brace case Programming of input/output impulses
Two-line display, with 11 symbols Automatic sleep mode
2 control buttons Data collection function
Resistant to vibrations (tested up to 4 g) Built-in protective dirt filter
5 years of battery operation Easy in operation
Standard thread connections (M14*1,5) Password protection




Liquid fuel meters of VZO 4 and VZO 8 are intended for measuring and metering diesel fuel and gasoline flow (special edition VZO 4/8V) on burners, diesel generators, vehicles, agricultural machinery and special machinery.

  1. Standard model with mechanical rolling metering mechanism. It can be installed in any suitable place for taking readings downstream booster pump. Fuel filter is installed upstream the meter. In case of installation on a vehicle and diesel generators - choose a place for installation with lower vibration rate (body, frame or driver's cabin).
  2. Standard model can be completed with impulse sensor of Reed flow-meter. Rolling metering mechanism + reed impulse meter (RV series).

Sensors are compact, easy-to-install (intended for horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation), it does not require any additional servicing.

Sensors are connected to heating conduct from the bottom part through holes with inner thread. For convenience of installation once can buy a set of adopters additionally.

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