Auxiliary equipment.

Auxiliary equipment for expansion of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system functionality.

Alarm button.

Alarm button is an element of security of movable and immovable objects and it is also included in complex of services for security provision based on GPS monitoring system. Alarm GSM button is installed as communication with emergency services when you are in difficult situation or when you are in danger.

Alarm button switches on when one or several sensors set as "alarm" go off.

Such sensors can be regular buttons or hidden push sensors or touch sensors installed in certain location under dash panel, driver's seat, etc.

Voice communication.

The equipment is intended for installation in vehicle as device for information transfer about condition of a transportation mean to dispatcher's control panel. Device receives signal about its location from GPS satellites, process readings from sensors and sends this information via internet network provided by GSM standard cellular.

  • Voice-to-voice communication between a driver and dispatcher
  • Transfer signals to dispatcher - status "free/busy".
  • Indication of incoming and outgoing call with LED and buzzer signal.
  • Indication of security mode.

Axle load sensor.

The sensor is intended for measuring axle load of a transportation mean. It is installed in one of air bags.

Established transport weight rules allow saving road quality but for a carrier it is associated with penalties. The approximate weight of a cargo can be calculated. Axle load control from one side helps to prevent from overloading, and from the other side it prevents from underloading of "watchful" drivers. Moreover our equipment allows receiving data about cargo weight in real-time mode.

Motion sensor (rotation).

Motion or rotation sensor is used in GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems to control rotating and moving mechanisms. Rotation sensor is mainly used for control of ready-mix delivery trucks ("mixers"). With the help of rotation sensor it is easy to track all unloads of ready-mix delivery trucks and you can control its route with "mixer" on. Rotation sensor is also used on construction cranes. If installed on winding barrel it is easy to control intensity of crane operation. Rotation sensor is also used for drilling machines to control depth of drilling based on the analysis of rotations made by winding barrel. Rotation sensor can be used on municipal vehicles to control speed and counting rotations of dosing tape on sanding truck.

Temperature probe.

Temperature probe is applied together with GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems and it is used for measuring temperature, for example in refrigerator trailer with further data transfer to dispatcher software.

Passenger flow counter.

Passenger flow counter is intended for control of passengers carried by transport. Additionally you can control incoming passenger and outgoing passengers to track statistic data on loading of regular buses depending on time (day of week, time of day) and route sector. The system consists of ground-pressure sensor installed on stairs of a transportation mean. Usually the error rate does not exceed 3-5%.

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