Personal vehicle control

Undoubtedly all drivers have heard of or even faced an incident like a car theft. Luxury vehicles mass-produced cars that are in high after-market demand are robbed most often. However oftentimes each vehicle owner reckons that this will never happen to him/her as he/she relies on quality and high-priced signaling or Comprehensive and Collision Car Insurance. But one should keep in mind that even state-of-the-art signaling can be counteracted by a signal scan technique, and Comprehensive AND Collision Car Insurance does not cover full vehicle value.

Finding a parking area in a heavily-inhabited and crowded city is not an easy task. Most of us had to leave a motor car under restrictive signs or on pavements on repeated occasions. How much time do you need to treat a dead horse in the attempts to get to know the location of your car if it had been removed by a vehicle carrier and at which pound it is?

And now all the problems and inconveniences may be solved by simple mounting of a small device in your car - GPS tracker which is hidden under a dashboard and is constantly observed by GPS monitoring system server

And you can follow your car 24-hours through your PC or cell phone. You may also block your car engine from distance via your cell phone if it is required.


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