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For most of us pets are almost family members. We are much concerned when they get lost. How to protect oneself against such misadventure not limiting your pet dog movements via a dog-lead?

GPS-dog collar is a real godsend for pet dog owners. Your pets will neither get lost in a town nor in a village with its help. You may trace your four legged friend movements with your cell phone at any time. It can also be used with horses.

This compact and maintenance-friendly device may be easily adjusted on a dog collar or harness (up to 35 mm) if it is previously placed in a special cover. Continuous off-line operation and a possibility to charge from vehicle cigar lighter makes it an absolutely practical device.

GPS-dog collar constantly determines pet location with high accuracy - up to 5 meters with satellite aid. Coordinates are transmitted through a wireless GSM-channel (the device uses a SIM-card) to GPS-monitoring system server. Current pet location may be easily observed on a map in your cell phone or PC.


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