Taxi and passenger transportation.

Through the use of GLONASS / GPS monitoring system you can be sure your drivers are not using service vehicles to their personal advantage. You will be able to record stops, their length, idle time and margin of speed. The system provides for detailed traffic routes, allows determining the nearest available vehicle. Drivers get disciplined; work safety is achieved through the possibility of applying alarm buttons and satellite sensors.


  • Route violation, "wrong" journey and idle time monitoring;
  • Tracking and monitoring of all routes, their performability;
  • Monitoring of stops, their sequence and length;
  • Acquisition of statistic data on vehicle fleet work;
  • Statistics analysis and record simplification;
  • Passenger count;
  • Turnaround increase;
  • Fuel and lubricants' cost reduction;
  • Ensuring traffic safety;
  • Detection of collusion between drivers and traffic operators, fuel drain, stealing or thievery in a garage.


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