Construction and oil industry.

Satellite monitoring systems allow solving various operative tasks in construction business and oil industry by means of technology and motor vehicle movement tracing devices, specialty vehicles and industrial machinery, and eventually increasing efficiency, thus eliminating equipment and machinery idle time and increasing a period of execution of works on site.


  • Transportation and specialty vehicles' location online
    control (course, speed);
  • Trucking route observance control;
  • Area of operations control (traffic route planning and observance
    control, detecting "wrong" journeys);
  • Execution of works deadline monitoring;
  • Monitoring of goods shipping / discharging places. Detection of unauthorized stops;
  • Planning and control of schedules for onsite delivery of materials and specialty vehicles;
  • Receipt of an alarm message on deviations and
    emergency situations by a traffic operator or a manager;
  • A driver has an opportunity to signal on problems and breaking of equipment
    to a traffic operator by pressing an alarm button.
    Timely technical assistance will allow minimizing idle time due to emergency situations;
  • Two-way voice sessions between a traffic operator and a driver allows detecting problems quickly and efficiently and prevent
    unauthorized drivers' activities;
  • At attempt of specialty vehicles' theft a traffic operator can block a vehicle engine with the help of
    a remote control console.


  • Pumping plants control;
  • Tanks fuelling control;
  • Registration of all troubles and disorders in motion devices;
  • Safety measures breach detection;
  • Vehicle Tracking


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